REVIEW album Cross-Channel Music Butter On Hot Toast (Single)

Cross-Channel Music Has Recently Announced A Brand New Project: Butter On Hot Toast

Butter On Hot Toast (Single)

Cross-Channel Music

Keeping things fresh and interesting is definitely one of the best ways to stay active and creative, especially when it comes to music. This is definitely one of the reasons that make Cross-Channel Music’s upcoming endeavour, Butter On Hot Toast, so very special. This new release has been fermenting in the artist’s mind and heart for quite a while now, and it is finally out for the world to appreciate! The work features some fresh alternative rock and indie-folk influences, as well as some amazing ingredients to complete this sonic recipe, including dashes of country and some sprinkles of blues rock here and there.

Ultimately, Butter On Hot Toast is an incredibly rewarding experience for the audience, and an amazing example of Cross-Channel Music’s abilities when it comes to challenging himself and redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of compositional creativity. Butter On Hot Toast comes highly recommended if you are a fan of Jack White, Devil Makes Three, and The Black Keys, only to mention a few. Not only is this release channelling some of the best indie-folk and alt-rock influences, but it also feels completely new and original - a good introduction to Cross-Channel Music’s personality!

Find out more about Cross-Channel Music and do not miss out on Butter On Hot Toast, which is now available on the main music streaming services, preluding the artist’s upcoming album, Man In A Dream, which will be available in October.