REVIEW album Gavin Thorpe Rewind

Gavin Thorpe Turns Back The Clock


Gavin Thorpe

Gavin Thorpe's new album spans twenty years. A collection of tracks hand picked from his back catalogue and re-recorded during lockdown. Opening with 'The Meaning', a song about holding on to hope despite everything. It's an uplifting track, with strings reminicent of The Verve in their heyday. 'Rollin' On' is a bluesy number that puts the listener in an open top car crusing down the 101.

Elsewhere, former single 'Rise Above' boasts a huge chorus, and lyrics that connect perfectly with the current state of the world, despite being song written years ago. ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ is an atmospheric song that surely needs a banging dance remix!

The rousing 'Pictures' is a huge anthemic track, with real emotion in the words and melody. You can imagine this being a closing track at an open air gig - lighters (and iPhones) held high.

Alongside the music, Gavin is also a fully qualified counsellor, something which lead to the eventual setting up of Talk Club - the fastest-growing men’s mental fitness movement in the UK. This side of Gavin is evident in the lyrics throughout ‘Rewind’. An album that ultimately lifts up the listener, whilst tugging at the heart strings. A lovely record.