REVIEW album Erik Odsell Human

Erik Odsell Is Back With His Brand New Project Human 


Erik Odsell

Award-winning singer-songwriter Erik Odsell has just dropped his fresh album, Human. 

This Swedish artist is well-known for not only his solo music but the compositions he has written for other international acts. Looking back on his previous experience, it’s no wonder that Human is full of thought-provoking and insightful lyrics that capture the listener's imagination and help them to connect with the deeper meaning of the song.

Human is Erik's much-anticipated second album and it is a poignant, deep, and poetic look at a diverse variety of topics, from the experience of getting older to the human condition. When it comes to creating music, nothing is off the table for Erik.

The album kicks off with When We Were Beautiful, an atmospheric and sentimental opening number that showcases Erik’s romantic side. Following this, the title track takes the album in a different direction with a more upbeat and uplifting feel. One of the highlights of the release is Full Circle, an evocative and emotional number that is authentic songwriting at its best!

Don’t miss out on this incredible new project from Erik Odsell!