REVIEW album KVNE Lay Me Down (Single)

KVNE Convinces With His Playful Charm On 'Lay Me Down'

Lay Me Down (Single)


"Old friends pull me down / New friends gas me up / Ain't the type to fall in love / Just need a loyal ting to lay me down / Lay me down..."

Superficial on the surface, KVNE's new single Lay Me Down is a modern cautionary tale about the importance of having someone to anchor and ground you when navigating the different spheres of your life.

Like many of us last year, the Canadian artist found it particularly complicated to maintain his relationships and this witty rnb track was directly inspired from these events as well as the different aspects of his personality that he has to juggle with.

Directed by Teagan Walker, the music video really adds to the lyrics with his humorous storytelling that allowed KVNE to showcase a new side of himself, comically attempting to befriend a ghost like a playful metaphor for his past haunting him.