REVIEW album Sons of Silver Hesitate (Single)

Sons Of Silver Continue To Deliver Socially-Critical Rock N' Roll With "Hesitate"

Hesitate (Single)

Sons of Silver

After releasing their critically acclaimed EP Doomsday Noises in 2020 pedigree alt-indie rockers Sons Of Silver are back with one of their most introspective and hook-laden songs to date.

“Hesitate” continues to showcase the hard rock harmonies and complex storytelling of the hard-working LA quintet with a track that strikes just the right balance between moody and unpredictable while complimented by the backbeat of their hard-hitting and groove-infested style.

One might assume “Hesitate” is a statement on the anti-vaxxers of our time, but the song was written and recorded almost a year before the Covid-19 vaccine became available.

The group’s collaborative song-writing style, signature sound, and collective years of experience is what makes Sons Of Silver such a phenom, each of its members has dedicated his or her entire career to performing in platinum-selling and award-winning outfits, making the band a bit of a Supergroup.

A tried-and-true rock n’ roll band, they plug in and unlock a flood of emotions energized by unbridled guitars, fluid percussion, and a distinct vocal howl.

“Hesitate” is a teaser of what’s to come from the band’s upcoming sophomore EP release, “Ordinary Sex Appeal”.