REVIEW album VELVET SHAKES Mellowdrama

‘Mellowdrama’ Velvet Shake’s Flawless EP



Being a relatively new band, it is a little surprising to hear so much maturity and consistency of sound in VELVET SHAKES’ debut EP ‘Mellowdrama.’ Named after the juxtaposition of lockdown (and it being mellow) and the outrageous drama taking place just outside, this EP slaps along with funky beats, soaring synths, and melodious vocals. This four song EP is so well put together and entertaining from start to finish.

‘Material Life’ has a funky bass and lots of spacey sounds. They manage to use just the right amount of sound effects without bogging down the song. It also features some incredibly lush synths. The song is about lead singer Josh Bithell’s disdain for consumerism and acceptance of his part in it. The message of the song is flawlessly encapsulated in this fantastically produced track. This incredible production is prevalent throughout with no better example than ‘Can You Do The Right Thing.’ This track is indie/pop heaven. It is such a shiny, bright track. The vocal effects add a metallic quality that further amplifies the songs atmosphere.

‘Mellowdrama’ is a fantastic start to what promises to be a phenomenal career. If this EP is the band getting started, I can’t wait to see them a few years down the line.