REVIEW album Sam Thomas No More (Single)

Sam Thomas: Lyrical Magic On His New Single ‘No More’

No More (Single)

Sam Thomas

My favorite artist right now is without a doubt Sam Thomas. Though no stranger to the music world, he has just discovered a beautiful sound with his new single 'No More'.

This track is polished to perfection and engineered for success. It is a wonderful reflection of Sam as an artist and leads me to eagerly anticipate further releases.

Furthermore, Sam is a talented lyricist and I think that the variety of lyrical options that rap affords him leads to a lot of creativity on his part. He very poetically speaks of his internal struggles and past setbacks. He does it in a way that is ambiguous enough for it to be open to interpretation. That is one of the qualities that make it relatable for anyone that might be listening. Sam’s ability to write lyrics in this manner is a talent that cannot be understated. I can’t wait to hear this talent on further tracks.

Sam’s lyrics combined with the beautiful instrumentals and slick production make ‘No More’ an absolute must listen for any hip-hop lover. Or any music lover, for that matter.