REVIEW album Wax on Water Seventh Son (Single)

Electro-Grunge Alchemists Wax On Water Deliver Emotional Salvation With 'Seventh Son'

Seventh Son (Single)

Wax on Water

Boasting a deliciously dark and gothic video and Maya Damaris’s richly evocative voice, the single ‘Seventh Son’ is a welcome return for London’s finest electro-grunge Camden dwellers Wax on Water. The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album ‘The Drip’, and is the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2018 debut album ‘Procession’.

Damaris’ unwavering strong vocal performance and hard-hitting lyrics are now underpinned by Steven Blessing’s jangly alternative guitar sound (think the glory days of Bernard Butler in Suede). Perhaps it’s my imagination but is this musical equivalent of American Horror Story’s The Countess, in all her glorious blood-splattered mayhem?! Admittedly, it’s not a song about vampires; its theme is a far more relatable darkness of reclaiming your sense of self-worth after a relationship withers and dies. Thematically the melody and lyrics both suitably reflect this sense of ‘clawing back’ your power whilst dealing with withering love and a relationship spiralling out of control.

Musically, (and more generally), this isn't metal or even standalone rock it’s more an alchemic hybrid of rock, electro and a smattering of industrial influences pinned down by a strong grunge aesthetic. This is the mainstay of Wax on Water’s musical output and fans of all these genres will find their home here.

‘Seventh Son’ is an eclectic mix of unique personal and musical inspiration, creating a welcome earworm of electro-grunge brilliance. Intrigued to see if the forthcoming album ‘The Drip’ delivers the same appealingly dark, grungy vibe. Recommend.