REVIEW album Jonny Spalding Community

Jonny Spalding Is Here With A Killer Mixtape: Community


Jonny Spalding

Jonny Spalding is an artist and electronic producer with a rounded sound, which feels incredibly dynamic and diverse. His most recent output, Community, feels like a great taste of what comes out of Jonny Spalding’s creativity, and it is an amazing example of what this talented artist can accomplish. The story that drives the mixtape is quite unique as well, as it highlights the artist’s personal and unbreakable connection with his production. His masterful approach to lyrics in collaboration with a selection of talented vocalists is what makes his music stand out, and as a result, Community feels like a genuine example of what it means to make great electronic music in this day and age. This one should be on your radar if you are a fan of catching some of the best new music on the scene today! Jonny Spalding is always ready to challenge himself, and Community is a unique statement that showcases so many different influences smeared across the compositional spectrum to form a vivid and lush picture of an artist with an excellent level of musicianship on tap.

Find out more about Jonny Spalding, and listen to Community, including my personal favourite track 'Break Me'.