REVIEW album Joe Fox & The Frantics Haze (Single)

A Disco In The City: Joe Fox & The Frantics Present 'Haze'

Haze (Single)

Joe Fox & The Frantics

Artists like Joe Fox are actually becoming increasingly rare and one-of-a-kind in the music scene. It takes a certain amount of talent and focus in order to dish out such fantastic work and produce music with a certain level of consistency, and in this day and age, it seems like more artists are concerned with producing music as fast as possible, rather than spending too much time focusing on details that might seem unimportant, but that are actually everything in the long run!

Along with his trusted band, The Frantics, Joe Fox set out to make music that is really all about making the most out of each element of the songwriting and composition. His sound is not going to disappoint you if you do look for that type of detail-oriented listening experience, and his most recent song, Haze, is most 100% worth listening to. Much like fishes swimming in a beautiful coral reef, this song offers a huge range of stunning colours and aesthetics, all merging into a majestic collage of sounds, ideas, and emotions.

Find out more about Joe Fox, and listen to Haze, which should be something for you if you like artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons and The Kooks...