REVIEW album Spectral Display You're My Religion (Single)

Spectral Display Shine Brightly With 'You're My Religion'

You're My Religion (Single)

Spectral Display

It's easy to write a review for Spectral Display's 'You're My Religion,' because everything about the song thrills the soul. It's an upbeat anthem with all the pop star qualities to take it to the top. It's the first time the band has blessed my ears, and I'm wondering why it's taken us so long to discover them. They were successful in the 1980s, and they appear to be just as compelling today as they were previously.

With its modern feel, 'You're My Religion' begins with a lively overture, with a piano paving the road forward with an enticing synth echo. Paul Simon's tones delight the ears as he delivers a superb vocal performance. His tone is warm, yet it has a lot of bright flavours, which gives the overall sound more vitality. His lyrics, in particular, speak to individuals who are deeply in love with someone. He worships his lover almost as if they were a religion, and he doesn't hold back when expressing his feelings.

The track's composer, keyboardist, and producer, Michel Mulders, gives it a glittering star quality that's hard to resist. He draws on his decades of experience to put the track together, and proving that he isn't short-sighted, he draws inspiration from some of today's most fantastic tunes to create a single that fits seamlessly into a current playlist.