REVIEW album Jennifer Porter Show Me Your Love (Single)

Jennifer Porter's Enthusiasm Is Contagious On 'Show Me Your Love'

Show Me Your Love (Single)

Jennifer Porter

Jennifer Porter is an artist who seems to cast a spell on the ears regularly. 'Show Me Your Love,' her most recent offering, is the antidote to modern life's madness. It's a calming blues-rock treasure that draws inspiration from some of the greatest soul tracks as well.

'Sun Come And Shine,' the Maine singer's most recent album, features the song. It has a similar flow to the album's leading track, but it also has a lot of unique qualities that make it worthy of a review. It's a one-of-a-kind find with star quality flowing from every pore. Jennifer is a natural performer, and she was born to deliver works of art like this one. Her voice is fantastic. Also, there isn't a word in her delivery that I don't like. She is composed, and her demeanour complements the music nicely. It's not contrived, and her feelings are genuine; she adores music, and her enthusiasm is contagious.

A lot is going on in the mix musically, and if you listen closely, you'll find hidden gems. The beat is seductive in the perfect way. In addition, the keys emit a sudden warmth that envelops the senses. A crushing crescendo joins the production near the finish, and a sax-like instrument adds even more piercing intensity to the soundscape.