REVIEW album Cholly 3 Day Weekend (Single)

UK Talent Cholly Releases '3 Day Weekend'

3 Day Weekend (Single)


Chloe is a producer and singer/songwriter that goes by ‘Cholly’, a nickname that stuck. She likes to experiment with different organic sounds and seeing how far they go to make her music. Her music is described as cinematic electronic pop, and she streams ‘audio brainstorms’ to Twitch most Thursdays under the username Chollymusic.

Cholly is a one-of-a-kind artist, who is truly doing things differently. This new single is a breath of fresh air, with sonic textures like no other and an ethereal vocal interwoven throughout. The lyrics are both poetic and narrative, as we hear the artist talking of daydreaming about a three-day long weekend: "Time to daydream, dream too big, dream too big...

Delve into the world of Cholly, you won't be disappointed!
Out now to stream and download on all the major digital platforms.