REVIEW album Toloache Watching Close (Single)

Toloache's Bewitching Journey Through Darkness With 'Watching Close'

Watching Close (Single)


Swiss born but UK based band Toloache’s peculiar moniker is taken from a plant used in Mexican shamanic rituals; with that in mind I was hoping for a dark and spiritual musical offering, and Toloache certainly do not disappoint.

New single 'Watching Close' opens with some traditionally heavy guitar riffs before vocalist Andrina Travers’s hypnotic vocal kicks in: beautiful, soaring and powerful, with epic range. I’m sure Travers has had some classical training, it certainly sounds like it: she has a commanding voice and a commanding presence in the accompanying video.

'Watching Close' is, thematically, written about society’s addiction to social media and how dark this can get, especially notable during the pandemic, as we became ‘hypnotised, and addicted to pain’. Toloache expertly take you on a whooshing, heady, breath-taking journey through this peculiarly modern and relatable darkness. Quite an exhilarating and wonderful ride too. I have no doubt this band would be amazing live and look forward to some UK live dates to prove that point.

If you enjoy the likes of Evanescence or any quality symphonic or progressive metal, I recommend Toloache as ones to watch. Andrina Travers says she was ‘brought up in a Swiss forest surround by witchcraft, tarot and crystals’, so no doubt she has plenty more dark, bewitching, tunes up her sleeve to kick our asses with. Highly recommend.