REVIEW album Rory Gillanders Wilderness

Rory Gillanders Unveils Show-stopping New EP: Wilderness


Rory Gillanders

Rory Gillanders is an artist who puts a lot of heart into his music, and his songwriting is quite emotional. Such is the case of the feelings that drive his most recent release: Wilderness.

Check out Wilderness by Rory if you were a fan of musical artists such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Elliott Smith, among others. This piece of music is most definitely going to be your cup of tea if you like indie-folk, and alt-country, among others. Rory’s sound could indeed by described as a perfect sublimation of these styles, but instead of following the path of a single genre with rigor, he is able to really branch out and follow different ideas in a more flexible and spontaneous way. Wilderness is a prime example of this unique approach to creative freedom, giving Rory the possibility to travel far and wide with his musical ideas and bring his sonic dreams to life easily!