REVIEW album Julia Thomsen And DJ Jason Cadden Praying Moment (Remix) (Single)

Julia Thomsen's 'Praying Moment' Gets A New Lease Of Life

Praying Moment (Remix) (Single)

Julia Thomsen And DJ Jason Cadden

Julia Thomsen and DJ Jason Cadden have a new single out called 'Praying Moment (Remix).' They explode forward with a sound that will have you hooked from the outset, and they release their charm with striking impact.

It all starts on the right foot, with a comforting soundscape rising to the foreground. I like how Julia brings back the old feel-good classical at a time when the world is in chaos. It provides us with the strength we all need, and even if the wind is whipping against my window and the rain is pouring down from the October skies, 'Praying Moment' transports me to a place of passion and positivity.

As the music proceeds, we hear a combination of different elements and a dance groove that propels the song onward. It has a catchy tune that stays loyal to the modern scene, and Jason Cadden, who is known for his electronic work, knocks it out of the park. In addition, he demonstrates that anything is possible by transforming a majestic classical jewel into an EDM show-stopper!

Overall, 'Praying Moment (Remix)' is a strong track. It has a refreshing tone to it, and it reflects the world around us in a beautiful way. Nonetheless, a few additional structural modifications here and there would be welcome. The arrangement, though, is unique, and the pair's singular ability thrives here. So much so that I'm excited to hear what else they have planned for the future.