REVIEW album Thomas Cole And Lizzie Allyn Fairy Tales (Single)

Thomas Cole And Lizzie Allyn Lead A Magical Adventure With 'Fairy Tales'

Fairy Tales (Single)

Thomas Cole And Lizzie Allyn

Thomas Cole, the pop singer/songwriter, returns with his new single "Fairy Tales," which features Lizzie Allyn.

The song is an instant hit, with a catchy melody that is difficult to resist. It's also a must-have for everyone who enjoys nail-biting pop hooks combined with a top-notch dance cadence. So, what makes it such a rare find? The musical palette on display is diverse, with a wide range of sounds emerging as the song progresses. Furthermore, Thomas' approach is unconventional in that he keeps his influences at the forefront of his thoughts while preserving contemporary likability.

Thomas and Lizzie have excellent vocal abilities. They're both multi-coloured, and their visionary delivery is stunning. They're warm, with tender vocals, yet they're also hard-hitting. Furthermore, the words transport the listener to a beautiful place where only good vibes abound. Also, when you go deeper into the storey, you'll notice that it's a storey, almost like a Hollywood film about a boy meeting a girl, but under exceptional circumstances.

Thomas' danceable cadence is limitless; it could carry on for hours without becoming monotonous. His thrilling take on pop is also appealing, with his previous expertise guiding the road forward. His track record is full of smash-hit masterpieces, and this one is no exception, with his quality overflowing with assurance. Is it, however, enough to propel him to the top? Only time will tell.