REVIEW album Hannya White Wanna See (Single)

Hannya White Returns With New Single

Wanna See (Single)

Hannya White

What a year it has been for Hannya White. The snowballing success of her 'No Preview' EP ended up with her curating and presenting The Freak Zone Playlist for BBC Radio 6 Music. Since then she has taken over another two radio shows on NCCR and Resonance FM respectively. It seems people cannot get enough of hearing Hannya pick tracks and talk about them.

Now she is back with a new track of her own. '... Wanna See ...' has all the Hannya White trademarks of deep buzzing, menacing synths, bendy tones, ambient noise and sporadic, partly audible spoken word phrases. Like her last EP, it achieves that unique balance between the playful and the dystopian. But also, like all her music, any surface level sense that you are listening to random acts is quickly dispelled when you drill down into the music. Everything she does is calculated, meticulously mapped out and constructed with the loving craft and detail of a painter.

'... Wanna See ...' is fun but it is daunting, disarming and destabilising too. Enigmatic but ultimately engaging, Hannya has once again succeeded in being utterly charming and strangely scary in equal measure. And both these extremes make me want to hear more.


  • Totally agree with every word of Ffion's review. This is another superb balance between Hannya's playful fun nature and her darker avant garde tendencies. The positioning of the pizzicato strings and glissando synths are never an accident. Hannya plans these aspects with great love and care which is why her tracks sound chaotic and yet perfectly controlled and symmetric. She represents the very best and most inventive in contemporary electronic and ambient music and ... Wanna See ... is firm evidence of that view.