Keeping Spirits High With Kao Wonder’s “Safe Space”


Kao Wonder

“Safe Space” is the latest release from singer songwriter Kao Wonder, real name Raphel Faison III. Kao (pronounced Kie-O) has written and sings all of the eight songs on his much awaited album “Evolution” which came out earlier this month.

“Safe Space” is an uplifting mix of pop, electronic, dance and R&B with punchy piano chords and vocal harmonies. Kao’s musical style evokes a dancefloor hit that could be from the last two decades but has a modern edge from the slick production.

The video to accompany “Safe Space” fuses together both dance and the song. It shows Kao as a young artist with three other young men who also share the same passion of song and dance. They decide to form a Boy Band. In the video, Kao comes across a group of young
people dancing in a garage, jumping for joy and dancing to keep their spirits high. Towards the end, Kao takes his date out. “You’re The Safe Space I save for you” is for his lady.

The retro ingredients of this song are mixed with modern dance and upbeat pop. The motivational style continues throughout his “Evolution” album. Kao worked with several different music producers including Grammy award-winning Jeshua “Teddy P” Williams (Hamilton Park, Jor’dan Armstrong, Major).

With so much positivity in music and lyrics, “Safe Space” will be enjoyed by audiences across all age groups too. “Safe Space” is produced by Teddy P “Teddy Dizzy” and Cedric Ivory, and is a collaboration between Kao and songwriters Carolina Li and William Car, producer Nick James and engineering producer Mark Solomon.

Look out for more of Kao’s music to come in the coming months. He has recently been featured in online magazine LavishLife, the PepTalk Podcast, Cosmic Journey Podcast and VoyagerLA.

Listen to 'EVOLUTION' here: