REVIEW album T.E. Yates Strange Weather

T.E. Yates' Bold New EP Release: 'Strange Weather'

Strange Weather

T.E. Yates

T.E. Yates is a singer and songwriter from the UK. His style is refreshingly minimal and back to basics, yet he is also quite ambitious, always looking for way to add more exciting layers to his songs. His most recent studio EP, “Strange Weather,” happens to be one of the artist’s most sonically diverse studio efforts to date.

The six songs featured on the EP have so many different instruments. From acoustic guitars and vocals, down to electrics, synth parts, trumpets, fiddle, pedal steel guitar, upright bass, various percussion and even a musical saw, anything goes! This is only scratching the surface of an EP that deserves to be enjoyed in full, from the first, to the last tracks. There is a definite sense of cohesion driving the vision behind this EP, and this is quite remarkable. It is not always easy to let so many different elements live together under one roof, and still achieve a very cohesive sound, but this EP really hits the mark.