REVIEW album Robbie Vonn Hopeless Memories

Robbie Vonn Creates An Ethereal Space With His New EP

Hopeless Memories

Robbie Vonn

Rising electronic pop and cinematic musical artist, Robbie Vonn, creates tangible sounds that interact with listeners in such a way that you can see the music. He connects with his music during the creation phase that allows this ethereal listening experience.

His 3 song EP is a compilation of songs that cover loss, fading love, and unfairness. Robbie is the musical mastermind, writing , performing, and producing it, while the talented Julia Lyons provides her angelic vocals that take the song to another level. The EP's overall sound is similar to that of Mozart meets Radiohead and Queen. Each song provides a moving instrumental sound that blends the electronic and cinematic soundscape genres.

"Glowing Butterfly" is about loss and the grieving process, that it's okay to cry and to feel the pain of losing someone. He notes that it's okay to move on as well. Acceptance is part of the process. At the end, the song invites to "let the sorrow heal that grieving broken heart" and reminds you that "pain won't last forever" and memories will become that light you used to turn on as a kid when you were scare at night.

"If I" tackles the idea of unfairness in the world we live in. He sings about how sometimes, life is not always fair, though he specifically talks about the unfairness of life and death. Robbie says "Somebody, probably suffering during his/her last days on earth, wondering 'Why Me?' with the desperate desire of being someone else, 'someone fun to spend some time with, free from any pain.'"

The last song, "Sundown" speaks on fading love, the story of two people that were once madly in love, but know sit in a room together knowing all that they had is now fading, or already gone and has been for a while. He sings about how time has brought the sundown, and reminds us that it's ok to let go.

'Hopeless Memories' breaks the boundaries of genre. It's a beautifully done EP that moves you with each song. It's a must listen.