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The Griswolds Impress Us With "Be Impressive"

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Australia always seem to do us good when it comes music; Tame Impala, ACDC, Wolfmother and of course Kylie. But now we welcome with open arms The Griswolds!

Their debut album ‘Be Impressive’ is set for release on 25th May and it seems us UK folk are behind on The Griswolds bandwagon as their single “Beware of the Dog” has already hit the top 5 in the US iTunes alternative chart.

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‘Be Impressive’ comprises of 11 good old indie-pop tracks, opening with “16 Years” the fun image that The Griswolds portray is apparent with trinkets and pulsations of electro, lifting the track to make it joyful and easy listening. This good introduction to their album makes you interested to hear more, and the next few tracks are similar and follow this guideline on echoed vocals, repetitive beats and pulses. Listening to “Beware of the Dog” it’s obvious why the band have had success, as it is super catchy! I found myself humming the chorus unknowingly, and the beat is definitely one you want to dance to.

However with tracks such as “Beware of the Dog” and “Be Impressive” it’s hard as a 21 year old lover of Warpaint and Foals to take this band seriously. With those particularly very poppy tracks they speak to a younger generation and maybe that’s where their demographic is, but for me it brought the potential of the album down a bit. Catchy and good nonetheless.

Towards the end of the album, softer and slower tracks are introduced and this is where the potential of the album was brought back up. “Thread the Needle” and “Not Ready Anymore” prove the versatility of The Griswolds and yes the album is fun but these guys can actually create something meaningful. With it being the last track on the album “Not Ready Anymore” will obviously be stuck in your head, but personally it is my favourite track on the album. It’s upbeat enough to make you feel motivated for the day and remains true to the fun guideline that is The Griswolds.

Words by Hannah West

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