REVIEW album Todd Omohundro The Future is Calling

'The Future Is Calling" Is Todd Omohundro's Jazz Rock Original Sensation

The Future is Calling

Todd Omohundro

Todd Omohundro, or Todd O, is no stranger to music and performance. He's sung with the likes of Pink, Chicago, Broadway stars, The Philadelphia Orchestra, and the Philly Pops, all while teaching public school music. Todd is a master of sounds.

His newest album, 'The Future is Calling,' is a Rock-Jazz original, with music like a mix of Chicago and Bon Jovi. Each song is beautifully crafted and each song supports the last. His poetry with words and music is masterful.

This 10 track album consists of songs that not only encourage you to get out of your seat, but also forces you to listen to the message he sings:

"The Future is Calling" - Putting aside our separate beliefs and ideas and come together to create a better future for those to come.

"When You Feel True Love" - It's about that feeling you get when you're really in love, when everything around you dissipates and nothing else matters.

"Taste of Honey" - An ode to a love, that special someone.

"Drowning in Content" - How social media has effected our society and changed us, not necessarily for the good.

"Squeeze it in My Soul" - All the good feelings one has is like a squeeze to the soul, a happy feeling.

"Dance the Blues Away" - While we are here on Earth, let's engage with our inner childlike playfulness and dance all our pain, inhibitions, and blues away. We can't control tomorrow, but we can control the now.

"In Your Eyes" - Seeing the love someone has for you in their eyes.

"Clear Blue Skies" - A call to a happier and sunnier place. The grass is always greener on someone else's lawn. The sky is always bluer somewhere else.

"Far Away" - Just because you're physically present, doesn't mean you're mentally present. It's about getting lost in thought and in your own mind. But it's also about remembering. You may be here, but you're a million miles away.

"Just Fly" - Sometimes, you just need to fly away from the now, you just need to take a step back.

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