REVIEW album The Haze and Dacey Collective Letters From Gilead

The Haze And Dacey Collective's New Album Touches The Messages Close To Home

Letters From Gilead

The Haze and Dacey Collective

As of 2012, Kirsten Hazler has been half of the acoustic indie-folk duo known as Haze & Dacey with her counterpart John Dacey. Before the pandemic hit, Kirsten had been musically inspired by 'The Handmaid's Tale' and the dystopian town of Gilead, as she binged the first 2 seasons of the HULU original. But when the pandemic rolled around, Kirsten realized that our world and society was getting too similar to the fictional Gilead. She knew that now more than ever was the time to record and release her masterpiece.

'Letters from Gilead' is a 10 song album. Each song blends perfectly into the last and focuses on the women in Gilead, singing mostly from the point of view of the women who inhabited this town.

The album is a mosh pot of genres, though all under the roots/rock umbrella. While the message they deliver is a bleak and distressing one, the music tells another story, one of an upbeat melody and catchy rhythm. The music functions as the dystopian haze that we see immediately, that everything is fine and the way it should be.

Straightforward Roots-Rock:
"Letters From Gilead"
"Closet Scrawl"
"Under His Eyes"

Alt Country/Indie-folk:
"My Name is June"
"Sliver of Joy"

Speakeasy Swing:


Piano Ballad/Gospel-like:
"Feels So Good to Fly"

And finally, the closing song that gives off strong musical theatre vibes:
"Oh Canada"

The common thread is the stories of people hanging on to love, hope, courage, and humanity, while trying to survive the dystopian nightmare that is Gilead.

Haze handles lead and some backing vocals, acoustic guitar, and piano, while Dacey holds down the low end with both upright and electric bass as well as backing vocals. The Collective fleshes out the sound with drums (Blee Child), electric guitar (Leslie Williams), mandolin (Doug Austin), saxophone (Allen Burris), and additional vocals (Jolie Harrison, Megan Rollins, and Doug Hewitt).

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