REVIEW album Rich Lown Place Where I Call Home (Single)

Rich Lown Releases Powerful Piano Ballad ‘A Place Where I Call Home’

Place Where I Call Home (Single)

Rich Lown

Rich Lown is back with another rendition of his beautiful ballad ‘A Place Where I Call Home’. What once was a song anchored in the acoustic, ‘A Place Where I Call Home’ has been moulded into a mesmerising piano ballad.

What is most striking is the smooth tones of Rich Lown himself. Melting over the chords below, Rich’s smooth tone sails over the simple soundscape. Effortlessly easing between breathtaking belting and intimate moments, his command over the song is stunning. The relatable lyricism lingers all the more with this stripped back version. ‘A Place Where I Call Home’ tells the tale of wanting to belong. That all-too relatable yearning for a sense of home is sewn into the fabric of Rich Lown’s lyrics. The emotional power of ‘A Place Where I Call Home’ is rooted in the passion of Rich’s performance. What else can we expect from such an accomplished artist? Having toured with Brit Award nominee Joan Armatrading, finished in the top 10 of ‘Open Mic UK’ and bagged a Top 20 iTunes album, it’s no surprise ‘A Place Where I Call Home’ is the emotive artwork that it is. With such a powerful piano presence and a passionate performance from Rich Lown, this single is sure to hit home for whoever hits play.