REVIEW album Wax on Water The Drip - Part1

Wax On Water Tantalise Their Sexy Sound On 'The Drip - Part1' EP

The Drip - Part1

Wax on Water

Alternative rock supremos Wax on Water hail from Camden and judging from their latest release 'The Drip - Part 1' EP, it is clear that their eclectic musical brew contains that special creative DNA that seems to permeate that part of North London.

The EP opens with some classical sounds that descend into a brief seething mass of feedback and electronic noise. The first track, 'Don't Bore Us', sets the pace; it's musically complex and intriguing, with some seriously intense guitar riffage courtesy of new band addition Steven Blessing. Singer Maya Damaris' suitably dark lyrics and powerful vocal doesn't disappoint either, 'Love is poetry, but you’re the book that no one reads… you’re the soul that no one heeds…’.

‘The Sting in the Raw’ is an irresistible earworm of a track with a killer riff and a chorus that reverberates in the head for days. It's a song that describes that moment when you realise the relationship you have valued is ultimately doomed.

‘Seventh Son’ might be familiar to some already, as the band's recent single. It's another kick-ass track; its subject matter is the dark descent of a relationship. It feels like it would be a really great song to play live, with its fist-pounding-the-air type big chorus.

The EP closes with an ambitious reimagining of the O'Jays Philadelphia Soul classic 'For The Love of Money'; it feels like an unusual choice. Still, Damaris swiftly puts her mark on it - in a quirky electronic outing that captures the ears and the imagination.

Undoubtedly, Wax on Water make a very sexy sound, and ‘The Drip – Part 1’ EP offers just a tantalising taste of what's to come. Recommend.