REVIEW album Tara Novak My Heart Was Jumping (Single)

Tara Novak’s “My Heart Was Jumping” Makes My Heart Jump

My Heart Was Jumping (Single)

Tara Novak

Violinist turned indie pop singer, Tara Novak transports me to a young love lost and regained in her newest single “My Heart Was Jumping”. The single is centered around this relationship that used to be perfect-like, until the couple was split apart. Now that she sees her lover for the first time in forever, her heart jumps out of her chest as she remembers how great their love felt. The heart remembers every little second and feeling spent together, all those emotions come rushing back when you lock eyes with that person.

Tara’s lyricism is incredibly relatable in this track, because it tells the story of the two lovers. Her lyrics start with a description of the moment leading up to and during when their eyes meet. The story continues as the rest of the song focuses on what happens after the two reconnect. The chorus is tastefully catchy as her voice fluctuates with a beautiful build-up that suits the progression of the song, Novak starts at a steady base and goes higher and deeper as the song tells its story. Tara’s voice conveys the nostalgia and relief one must feel after running into someone whom you thought you lost.

“My Heart Was Jumping” is a song that will live forever, similar to the story of Romeo and Juliet- a classic storyline that is told in a creative way. Tara draws us in with her voice in that first verse, and keeps us locked in by telling a story many of us can relate to. There is a feeling of togetherness when listening to this song. The listener falls in love with the story and with Tara’s voice as she shares every feeling and thought with her audience. While her heart jumped, our hearts did too.

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