REVIEW album Shafto Someone (Single)

Positivity And Self-Belief: Clare-Based Rapper Shafto Spreads Good Vibes With Latest Track

Someone (Single)


Positivity, self-belief and empowerment. Those three words capture the essence of Irish rapper Shafto’s latest hit track, Someone.

The Clare-based rapper has just released his new single featuring an ensemble of keys, acoustic guitars and drums to create a laid back but inspiring track about motivation and self-fulfillment.

A reputable figure on his own, Shafto leaned on his extensive network to add some depth to the track and brought on Tasmania singer Molly O’Brien to help with vocal duties.

Together they deliver a melodic and graceful track with plenty of love. Shafto provides his signature mix of hard-hitting hip hop while O’Brien takes a more melodic approach in order to provide a balanced mix to the track.

Move on up you can be Someone,

Take that vision and let it run,

From the evening glow until the morning sun,

Move on up you can be Someone

Someone is both awe-inspiring and infectious. It was produced in Belfast by Kronus and mixed and mastered by Session Parlour Studios in Co. Clare.