REVIEW album The Marsh Family Bring Us A Candle / Mack The Knife (Single)

Viral Singing Sensations The Marsh Family's New Single - 10/1 Favourites for Christmas No.1!

Bring Us A Candle / Mack The Knife (Single)

The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family, a family musical group consisting of Ben and Danielle Marsh, and their four children Alfie, Thomas, Ella and Tess, have released their debut double A-side single for Christmas. Likened to the Von Trapps or the Partridge Family, the family rose to fame after posting parody videos to social media during lockdown, and have been getting bigger and bigger since.

The single consists of two tracks, an original song entitled “Bring Us A Candle”, and a tongue-and-cheek parody cover of Bobby Darin’s “Mack the Knife” made in conjunction with Prostate Cancer UK.

There is no shortage of vocal and musical talent among this familial bunch, and both tracks on the single exemplify this. With sleigh bells in the background, sweet vocals from the younger family members, and a joyous and rousing ending, “Bring Us a Candle” is an endearing and festive Christmas tune sure to give you those fuzzy feelings perfect for the winter season with the family. The other track on the single, a parody of “Mack the Knife”, has rewritten lyrics inspired by Danielle’s father’s brush with prostate cancer in 2018. For such a serious and important topic, the lyrics are playful, irreverent, and sidesplittingly funny. In taking this unique approach, the Marsh Family have done a delightful job of bringing awareness to the issue while creating an endlessly listenable jazzy track for all to enjoy.

The Marsh Family’s debut single is sure to delight and educate the whole family this Christmas, and if you’re looking for new original content for the holiday season, these tracks should do just the trick! With news just in as I write this review, that the single is now 10/1 favourite for Christmas number 1, it really is a very exciting time for the down to earth Marsh Family! I wish them all the luck with this joyous single!