REVIEW album Raphael Klemm Dig Our Hole (Single)

Raphael Klemm Releases New Single 'Dig Our Hole'

Dig Our Hole (Single)

Raphael Klemm

Raphael Klemm is back to business with his new single, 'Dig Our Hole. The song is the ideal follow-up to his critically acclaimed previous single, 'Sorry Dear World.'

It's a somewhat different delivery than the last track, with a feel-good indie edge that draws me in right away. The music is quite the contrast to the lyrics, which raise questions about our inner selves. Raphael also speaks about the modern mind's complexities, while the music provides a joyful indie dance vibe.

The music begins with a distinctive jazzy guitar rhythm that reverberates around the speakers with a steady ascent. Then a beat kicks up with a disco cadence that is difficult not to enjoy. Raphael then rises to the situation with a powerful vocal performance. Initially, his tones are a little distant, and he doesn't come to life until the refrain.

On the other hand, the chorus makes it impossible to escape the soundscape. Raphael reaches deep into his vocal toolbox, reaching to the top with exquisite high tones, and the hooks are as irresistible as they come. Also, after the refrain, the guitar shows a lot of vigour with a ferocious solo. The solo has a lot of mid-tone quality to it, and it gives a new depth to the overall mix, making us want to head back and click the replay button.

Overall, Raphael Klemm's 'Dig Our Hole' is a solid release that foreshadows what to expect from his 2022 releases.