REVIEW album Kenton Place Done With You (Single)

Kenton Place Are 'Done With You'

Done With You (Single)

Kenton Place

Kenton Place are a band of red-hot rockers who are over you! Perhaps not you in particular, but certainly someone they no longer enjoy! 'Done With You,' their new single, is the rock treat that the rock scene is in desperate need of right now! It's energising, booming, and there's no lull in the excitement.

All from the United States, the band prove to be some of the most forward-thinking individuals on the scene. Furthermore, each member rises to the occasion with zeal. They even enlist the help of Logan Smalley's sister to deliver the vocals, and she smashes it! Her voice tone fits the soundscape like a gauntlet, adding a new edge to the group's discography.

The drums thump down with booming ferocity to begin the music. The guitars then rumble forward with a crunch that will make you want to join a rock band of your own. They've got the vintage rock juices pouring from their amps, and they get more triumphant as the song develops. Laura Smalley takes the mic and steps into the spotlight, delivering an extraordinary vocal performance. Her vocal toolset is extensive, and she frequently alternates between soft and hard notes, giving the experience lots of variety.

The refrain on 'Done With You' is exceptionally catchy, and you'll have a hard time forgetting it once it lets loose! The thrills don't end there, as the guitars come to life even more time in the final moments, ripping through the speakers with their delicious tone!