REVIEW album Spade The Artist Stash House (Single)

Spade The Artist Drops 'Stash House'

Stash House (Single)

Spade The Artist

Spade The Artist, Atlanta's fast-rising hip-hop hitmaker, is back with 'Stash House,' bigger and better than ever. His followers have been flocking from far and wide to get their hands on this release; it is understandable given the fantastic experience!

'Stash House' is spot on and leaves the listener thirsty for more with its energising vigour. It begins with a strong piano arrangement before the beat descends in quick succession, accompanied by Spade The Artist who raps with genuine intensity. He's a rapper who establishes his value on this track by taking enormous steps forward.

When you pay attention to the wordplay, the words are somewhat ambiguous, but it's still evident that Spade is talking about achievement and growth. He reiterates that he would not accept anything less than success, and we have no reason to disbelieve him, given the strength of his voice. He raps with fast diction, a creative method used by the best rappers over the years.

Musically, the song is very consistent throughout the entirety. There is no significant structural change, and it would have been beneficial to have a bridge here and there and then spice things up a little. Nonetheless, the mix's thrill permeates every aspect, and given its brief duration of two minutes, it doesn't matter all that much, encouraging us to hit replay for another fix.

Overall, excellent job from Spade The Artist.