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World Goes Round Release Their Unforgettable Album On Vinyl

World Goes Round

World Goes Round

World Goes Round might be an underground band, but their music has stood the test of time. Even if you might not have heard of this band per se, there is a big chance that you have actually heard some of their music, as the musicians in the band have written hits or performed with legendary artists like Queen, John Forgerty, Air Supply, John Denver, and many more. However, the music they made collectively as World Goes Round has been sitting in the vaults for quite some time, becoming the stuff of legends for industry insiders. Their debut album was recorded in 1989, but was eventually released digitally in 2020. Today, the band topped it off with a vinyl reissue via Viper Record. This is hands down the best way to enjoy this piece of music and get an amazing experience. The record was considered lost, but an old version of it on cassette was recovered, allowing for the record to be salvaged and remastered again by the original producer, Tommy Vicari.

Find out more about World Goes Round, and do not pass up on the opportunity to enjoy this fresh time capsule of a record!

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Enjoy the video for sublime track PIOTL, taken from the album.