REVIEW album Kesho Whiskey Sour (Single)

KESHO Reveals Impressive New Single "Whiskey Sour"

Whiskey Sour (Single)


When you stumble across a new track, it needs something that sticks out to completely steal your attention. When I first heard 'Whiskey Sour', I realised this track is something special. Mixing different types of genres to create an innovative sound, the new track doesn't fit one specific style of music, and that's what made me love it even more.

Inspired by the idea when the UK government rules were only allowing bars and restaurants to be open outdoors during the COVID Lockdown in 2020, KESHO came up with the great concept behind the song whilst freezing outside in the cold. Bathed with a chorus that instantly gets stuck in your head, "Whiskey Sour" is definitely one of my favourite tracks of the year because of its infectious nature.