REVIEW album Carina Torres Count On Me (Single)

Singer-Songwriter Carina Torres Is Quickly Becoming An Asset To The World Of Pop

Count On Me (Single)

Carina Torres

A track that has had a great response from live audiences, 'Count on Me' is certainly a track that I'd love to hear live. Picture this, Carina walks on stage and the first song she performs is this infectious offering. Tapped into a more R&B, indie-pop inspired sound than her melancholic sounds before, 'Count on Me' is a delightful reminder of why you want to keep your eye on her.

Sounding like something you’d encounter in today’s mainstream charts, Carina Torres’ ‘Count on Me’ is a guiding light and a reassuring contender in the hectic industry. Armed with smooth silk woven vocals and infectious melodies, the transcending new anthem commands your full attention and never lets it go.

Easily one of my favourite releases of November.