REVIEW album AJ Wander Take It All (Single)

AJ Wander Releases 'Take It All'

Take It All (Single)

AJ Wander

I came across this track whilst looking for some new music one evening and have not been able to stop listening to it - after checking out AJ Wander's YouTube channel I found a beautiful live video to accompany the single. The video is a beautiful emotive performance from the artist and really showcases the lyrical depth of this song.

While his songs tackle relational pain lyrically, they are uplifting and not despairing. They carry a more cinematic, inspiring quality that stays with the listener in the truest sense of pop traditions. Wander’s emotionally engaging tenor and melodic piano riffs provide a warmth and depth rarely seen from a young songwriter.

Check out this live performance and fingers crossed we get to see him play live in real life in 2022!