REVIEW album Glitch Project No More (Single)

Glitch Project Return With 'No More'

No More (Single)

Glitch Project

Glitch Project, the Italian two-piece, are firing on all cylinders right now, and they're not holding back with their infectious melodies! Furthermore, the group have sailed through 2021 with glory, and they finish up in style with the latest single, 'No More'.

Compared to their most recent tune, 'Wane,' the group's latest release, 'No More,' opens up a new door of possibilities with a new edge. Furthermore, although both releases follow a similar path, they each contribute something unique to the avant-garde. Furthermore, 'No More' explores mental capacity even further and questions ourselves, our feelings, and the world which is going on around us all.

The band's singer, Maida, sings beautifully, and the musical prowess of both ladies together makes a lasting memory. Also, although each track from Glitch Project has a very alt-pop ambience, they all have a fresh sparkle, and there is no exception here with 'No More'. Furthermore, they manage to reinvent themselves with a sound pathway that they have not delivered previously.

Overall, 'No More' by Glitch Project is the perfect finale for the band this year. Moreover, the band wrap up their year of questioning, and they leave the door open to an even greater 2022 with a sound that excites time and time again. Great work, ladies!