REVIEW album Elnoir X-Ray (Single)

Elnoir Releases Debut Single, 'X-Ray'

X-Ray (Single)


Elnoir, the Italian pop newcomer, has taken an enormous step forward with her 'X-Ray' debut single. The innovative starlet's new music is now available to stream on all platforms, and it launches off her career the way she intends to go!

Her vocal talent is undeniable, and she competes with some of the most prominent alt-pop singers on the earth right now. Her vocals are a little lost in the mix, but her ethereal tones manage to rise out of the compound, tugging at our heartstrings.

The entire tune is stimulating musically, with a dreamlike atmosphere reverberating around the speakers. The piano lead in the overture is decisive. It has a terrifying nostalgic feel, as does a dramatic chilling sample that appears before of Elnoir's vocal; it gives even more frost to the air.

'X-Ray,' a frank reflection of the headspace in which Elnoir is currently finding herself, is lyrically thought-provoking. Elnoir talks about self-examination and the X-Ray is a metaphor for how she examines herself, almost like a professional would look at a brain scan.

Overall, Elnoir proves her prowess here on this track. It is still early days for her career, but given the quality on display with 'X-Ray', it will come as no surprise to witness her rising the echelon even further as we progress into 2022.