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Experience "Oscar And The Wolf"

Oscar And The Wolf create an unforgettable experience in Dalston...
“Oscar And The Wolf” -this name had been popping up frequently and a light bulb went off in my head when I was offered to attend one of their gigs.  Usually when I am requested to see a band I research them to get some background information but for some reason with this name constantly and unconsciously appearing I decided not to. Just turn up, watch and listen.
In a basement venue in Dalston, with a good sized and eager crowd, blinded by five flashing vertical 
lights, four figures emerge on the stage somewhat thirty minutes after their set time. Starting with a few scratches of technical faults I stood there looked at my friend and just said, “Wow!".
I am so glad I didn't
 listen to Oscar And The Wolf beforehand because I was shocked by the absolute attraction and uniqueness the band has. Forget the odd concoction of sunglasses, baseball cap, tracksuit bottoms and sparkly shirt this band portray a hint of The XX and a slurring David Gray-esque tone. With classic instruments such as a drum kit and bass guitar, the electronic sound is manipulated and twisted with a synth and retro keytar; while lead singer Max Colombie’s slurring vocals create a chilled echoing effect. This well thought out production creates a powerful and overwhelming
 sound that is intense and atmospheric, leaving fans sway in wonder.
The bands versatility is proven as they do a gentle cover of Gala’s ‘Freed from Desire’ which is just breath taking, then mixing the night up with Colombie dropping lyrics from Fat man Scoop and Jennifer Lopez whilst dancing in the crowd with fans. Along with the effective lighting and intense music, they had everybody’s attention. The band have a solid fan base already with sold out shows in Belgium- where they are originally from and its now time for the UK to be captivated by Oscar and The Wolf. Written by Hannah West