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No Serial Killer

No Serial Killer

It’s quite difficult to tell whether an artist has achieved something special or has reached a creative peak. However, some songs, some albums really have that “It” factor, and you can sort of feel in your bones and in your heart when you are listening to something that is truly extraordinary. This happens to be the case with No Serial Killer’s album, which also goes by the same name. This particular release is beautiful and detailed in pretty much every aspect of its creation. Project pioneer AKM’s songwriting is pretty damn flawless, revealing a raw talent and ability to craft songs that are loaded with real emotion and pathos. If that wasn’t enough, the sound design and production feels effortlessly put together, yet oh-so impactful. Any fans of clever lyrics and catchy melodies will certainly appreciate AKM’s music, and the album comes especially recommended if you enjoy the classic sounds of rock and roll. Highlight tracks include recent single releases ‘I Luv Myself’, ‘Women R Superb’ and ‘Delight Of My Life’.

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