REVIEW album Ramzi Amazing (Single)

Ramzi's New Single Is 'Amazing' And No One Can Tell Me Differently!

Amazing (Single)


Heartfelt and tender in all the right places, multi-cultural act Ramzi has quite the inspiring story behind him. Every moment has helped him become the artist that he is today. Having written for artists such as The Overtones, Backstreet Boys, Rudimental and Taio Cruz, Ramzi's life turned upside down when he discovered he had a heart problem four years ago. Resulting in a life-changing operation, Ramzi's calling has always been music.

Telling the gorgeous story of his marriage to his partner, 'Amazing' will leave you rethinking if you ever doubted love. Based around a unique ballad-esque persona, this is the type of track that leaves me reaching for my hairbrush while I sing every word into my 'microphone' - it's utterly stunning.