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Tales Of Sorrow And Daydreams In Curse Of Lono's Album People In Cars

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Curse of Lono

Curse of Lono is a British americana band that have been releasing music since 2015, with several albums under their belt. They left 2019 off with live studio album, 4am and Counting, and then it all changed. Over 2020 and 2021, Curse of Lono drastically changed due to the covid-19 pandemic and so they needed a new album to represent this new phase. Over the 11 tracks, you'll notice shades of sorrow as in "Man Down" or "Alabaster Charlie", daydream nostalgia as in "Ursula Andress" and "Think I'm Alright Now" and an open acceptedness as in "Let Your Love Rain Down On Me". All of these emotional snapshots come from the mind and soul of the band's primary songwriter Felix Bechtolsheimer, who wanted to create a "shrine" to the past and find some form of closure for himself.