REVIEW album Neil C Young Them Bones (Single)

Neil C Young's Finest Work To Date, 'Them Bones' Is Still Iconic!

Them Bones (Single)

Neil C Young

To take on a well-known cover, you need to put your own twist on it so you can make a good impression. Alice in Chains' 'Them Bones' is already a household song, and Neil C Young's version certainly could steal some sort of limelight. Whilst the original is heavily grunge based, Neil's rendition features a jazz-inspired guitar line that can easily bury itself into your soul.

The original is powerful and energetic, and Neil's cover definitely still lives up to that expectation. Wanting to keep the drive of the original but adding his own influences to the soundscape, the track still pays ode to its transcending harmony.

The lyrical content is something we're all aware of and something we have to accept - life has an end and we can't do anything about it. Neil's cover still pays tribute to the track's emotional aspect and that's what drew me in even further.