REVIEW album The Lucky 13s Ain't Got No Money (Single)

The Lucky 13s Excite With New Single 'Ain't Got No Money'

Ain't Got No Money (Single)

The Lucky 13s

Southern English band, The Lucky 13s seize the joyous new year moment with their triumphant new release, 'Ain't Got No Money'.

Despite the lyrical message being somewhat deep, the instrumental is the paradox with an upbeat mood leaking out of the production. The track kicks off with an overture that is full of vehemence. Furthermore, the drums snap away with a bite, and the clapping rhythm paves the road onwards ahead of a soulful musical intro; the guitar serenades the ears while the bass gets the groove in motion.

Frontman of the group, Jamie Johnson, arrives with bonafide charisma, his tones pulling us in even further. Vocally, Jamie is one of the most talented chaps in the blues and soul realms and further afield. He has something for just about everybody up his sleeve, and similar to the music on display, there are plenty of modern hooks melded with vintage sounds from yesteryear. Moreover, his clever delivery will please new and old listeners alike.

Inspired by prior generations' musical roots, the band members take what they enjoy most about the past and fasten it to a current texture; the result is a delight! Also, the energy level from the group is refreshing; they are not here just for the lauded praise, they genuinely do relish doing what they love the most, and that is providing top quality soul and blues fused with majestic funk.

Overall, a smashing track this one from The Lucky 13s and an indication of what to expect with future releases.