REVIEW album Benedict Sinister EDM Mockney (Single)

Benedict Sinister Drops New Single 'EDM Mockney'!

EDM Mockney (Single)

Benedict Sinister

The French / Australian music artist, producer, poet, and video creator, Benedict Sinister is back to bring us yet another different genre of music with his latest single release, ‘EDM Mockney’.

This single is completely different to his other offerings, proving yet again that Sinister likes to push the boundaries and experiment with genres. He has an expertise of blurring musical styles and playing homage to other artists.

This time he is creating a soundtrack to the past, the song declares a new "Summer of Love" calling for a repeat of the raves of 1988, with a nods to classic British dance artists like KLF, The Prodigy and Shamen. This track is a blast from the past, but it also has a fresh and humurous feel.

Sinister prefers his own identity to be secondary to the other artists that he pays homage to in his work, so he only appears in public wearing metallic masks that conceal his face.

Sinister is an unpredictable artist that pushes boundaries, bringing a fresh outlook to many genres. I am looking forward to what Sinister brings us next - watch this space!