REVIEW album Mereo So Cold (Single)

MEREO Has Released A Stunning Piece Of Work 'So Cold'

So Cold (Single)


Mereo has released his meditative new single “So Cold”. The feathery, melancholic tune features warm vocal tones that are so organic and comforting. Mereo is crafting a style all on his own. The Dutch singer-songwriter has a soothing R&B/Alternative Pop sound which is as beautifully relevant as it is moving.

Mereo aka Rens Blonk takes on a myriad of roles. In ‘So Cold’ we hear Mereo’s independence in self-production. The track opens up with a crescendo of sweeping 80’s synthesizers backed by the addition of a delicate beat which makes listeners hold on to every movement. The music allows Mereo’s stunning vocal delivery to take centre stage where he moves listeners through the emotion portrayed in his lyrics.

This is one to lose yourself in. It deserves listeners full attention to embrace the craft, the emotion and the moment.