REVIEW album No Serial Killer I Luv Myself (Single)

No Serial Killer Bring Back The Rock And Roll With 'I Luv Myself'

I Luv Myself (Single)

No Serial Killer

No Serial Killer is a band that makes indie and rock gatherings feel amazing. 'I Luv Myself', their newest single, demonstrates their edge powerfully and memorably.

Erika Schiff of American Idol is the singer on this single. She gives the sound an American flavour. It works well with the music producer AKM's blend of British 60s rock in the mix. AKM is the project's brainchild, and he is a talented musician who has already made a name for himself. We frequently see a performer or band drop their goods on the music scene and then take off in high gear; AKM appears to be following suit.

His song has a contemporary rock and roll vibe, but it also has an indie quality for good measure. The vocals on offer are of excellent quality, and Erika effortlessly nails the notes. AKM's also mixes up her vocals well, adding layers that create an even more solidified texture.

The guitar on 'I Luv Myself' is also deserving of praise. Furthermore, the guitar riff has a stadium-like quality, and it's paying off big time by providing a sturdy foundation for the rest of the song. Also, this track has a great sense of nostalgia about it. There is, however, a touch of modern innovation, with many of the sounds and styles heard gleaming with fresh colour. It sounds great, and why make something completely new when you can adapt a famous existing sound? Excellent work. Let this be the first of many from No Serial Killer.