REVIEW album The Fur Forbidden Fruit (Single)

The Fur Brings Summer To Us With 'Forbidden Fruit'

Forbidden Fruit (Single)

The Fur

Since releasing his first single in June of last year, The Fur has stormed the synth-soaked scene of electro-pop. Despite it being his debut year as an artist, an astronomical amount of streams fuel his Spotify feed — and each of those four-hundred thousand listens are completely justified. The Fur’s sound is reminiscent of those breaking boundaries in electro-house before him, yet his sound is no pastiche. As he collaborates with a host of other, highly talented musicians, his discography demonstrates The Fur’s flexible musicality. Ask any artist — and that’s exactly the sort of musician you’d want to work with. So, no wonder his releases boast some awesome artists.

With over eighty-thousand streams, ‘Forbidden Fruit’ is one of The Fur’s most successful tracks — blast this just once and you’ll see why. Classic electro-house synth lines swim throughout the song, blending with the buoyant bass line perfectly. In true The Fur fashion, he mixes acoustic elements that melt into the mix. Nicklas Thelin’s guitar lines weave themselves through the electronic sounds wonderfully, creating space within the synthetic sounds. Julia Ross’s vocals are outstanding as they sail over the bed of synths below. ‘Forbidden Fruit’ is most certainly a summer record, so The Fur is bringing the summer to us with this stellar electronic anthem.