REVIEW album Working Class Hussys EP 1

Working Class Hussys New EP Is The Soundtrack Of Everyday Life

Working Class Hussys, led by multi-instrumentalist Ian Patrick Gentles, writes songs of the everyday life of the everyday person for the everyman. They blend the sounds of rock and roots americana to create their own sound, reminiscent of Pete Yorn, The White Stripes, and a hint a Santana.

Their new 3 song EP, entitled 'EP 1' are all songs partially inspired by the pandemic. The first song, "Beliefs," a song with a more true to rock sound, about holding certain point of view for yourself and not being able to see another person's point of view. It's about accepting the beliefs of others rather than discard them.

The second song, "Elaine," a song with a bigger Latin inspiration, is about a trip Ian took to his childhood neighborhood and seeing how run down it got. This song really captures the evolution in life and how things will always change. Nothing stays the same.

The last song, "Home on Time (Dog Gone)," a song with more of a fantastical and magical feeling, is about a road trip Ian and his wife too back to her childhood home to say goodbye to her family dog. This song really hits home with people because everyone's been there. While the song is slower in tempo, it's still somehow a happy song, highlighting the happy times.

This EP is so catchy and the songs work together really well. We recommend the EP to anyone who loves music.