REVIEW album Driftwood Bremfields (Single)

Driftwood 'Bremfields'

Bremfields (Single)


Here we have an excellent new single ‘Bremfields’ by Driftwood featuring British Rapper Still Greedy. Driftwood hails from Australia but I'm getting a lot of USA/UK vibes from this track. Driftwood has released a lot of tracks in the past but this track could firmly put his name right out there.

Or right out here! In The UK!!!!

Definitely more than a hint of Kanye in the track but that can only be a good thing and I am hooked.

Though I haven't heard a lot of Driftwood over here in the UK I wager that will soon change.
I'd love to know if he is planning to come to the UK for some shows. Let's see how that unfolds.

In the meantime get this track on repeat. You know it makes sense.